imageimageWelcome!!   Women or couples only

If you’re looking for a professional massage therapist, and a healing de-stressing massage, then i am the therapist for you!!

I have been trained by two of the top massage schools in California, they both emphasized the body mind connection which leads to a deeper meditational type of massage.  Whether you are looking for a Swedish relaxing massage or a Deep Tissue massage, I am there for you!

This is your hour, your vacation if you will, and i intend to make it memorable for you.

Everyone benefits from a massage, Mothers-to-be, teachers, executives, realtors, whatever your job, you have stress. Massage helps move out the waste products that build up in our muscles, increase circulation and lymph drainage. Massage lowers the blood pressure, helps with flexibility and improves the posture! Massage promotes faster healing of injured tissue, promotes better sleep, and reduces anxiety.

So Check it Out!! Today!